A Village within a village
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A Village Within a Village

Thyme is a restored historic Cotswold manor and farm. It is a family story where a passion for the land, food and entertaining, merges with a love of local heritage, beauty and conservation. We took time to make Thyme. Working with the historic buildings and the farm that surrounds them, we have created a thoughtful place with love and attention lavished on every detail. We hope you will experience a real connection to the land, the seasons and to nature, and we invite you to rest, relax and enjoy this English country idyll that our family call home.




For further information or for help with your reservation, contact us by email or by calling 01367 850174.

We welcome children over 12 years of age, however, our village cottage Old Walls is child & dog friendly. We also welcome families for lunch in the Ox Barn restaurant. Throughout the rest of Thyme, we have created a peaceful grown-up environment. Our rules are there to provide general guidance. There may be times that we can make exceptions, so call the team if you would like to discuss this further.
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1 1. Ox Barn Restaurant 2 2. The Piggery Shop 3 3. Reception 4 4. Tithe Barn 5 5. The Baa 6 6. Cookery School 7 7. Farmhouse 8 8. Tallet 9 9. Dairy 10 10. Lodge 11 11. Hollyhock 12 12. Meadow Spa a a. Meadow Cottage b b. Greenhouse c c. Spring Water Pool d d. The Botanical Bothy 13 13. Village Entrance 14 14. Main Drive 15 15. Garden Rooms 16 16. The Manor (Private) 17 17. The Church 18 18. Kitchen Gardens 19 19. The Farm 20 20. The Swan 21 21. Old Walls 22 22. The Nuttery 23 23. Tennis Courts 24 24. Boules Court 25 25. Olive Garden 26 26. Balcony Room Boutique