Vermouth Roasted Peaches

by Thyme Recipes 2 Sep 16

The inspiration for this dish was a delicious jam of roast peaches & vermouth that our friend and soon-to-be guest chef Kylee Newton produces for London delis on her Newton & Pott label.  It is superb, and we thought the flavours perfect for a dessert.  At our Thyme’s Table dinner we served this with a semi-freddo flavoured with the rose geranium ‘Attar of Roses,’ a sesame seed praline & sweet tahini; but this is equally delicious with a simple but good vanilla ice-cream or a well set panna cotta.

Serves 4


  1. Butter a wide ceramic ovenproof dish, and place the peaches stalk-side down.
  2. Roast for 5 minutes and then add the vermouth, pouring over each peach.
  3. Baste every 5 minutes for a further 15-20 minutes (depending on the size of your peaches).
  4. Remove from the oven, and dish to allow to cool slightly.
  5. Peel carefully, cut in half removing the stones and return to the dish for a final coating of the vermouth syrup.
  6. Serve immediately.