Pain Perdu with Blood Oranges

by Thyme Recipes 1 Feb 16

The perfect breakfast dish .....

Pain Perdu, 'lost bread', in France eaten as a dessert, for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, it is the perfect way to use up the stale pieces of bread left from the day before.  We like to use our homemade fresh brioche, its soft unctuous qualities combined with the rich vanilla custard makes it simply irresistable, served to our guests in the splendour of The Tithe Barn at Thyme.

Paired with perfectly seasonal blood oranges from Southern Italy, the two most popular varieties are the dark-fleshed Moro and the delicately flavored Tarocco. The former is available from December to March, and the latter from January to May. Considered by our chefs to be the finest dessert oranges in the world, they advise storing them in the fridge as they will only last a few days in your fruit bowl. We use our own Southrop honey in this delicious breakfast, choose a honey fragrant and floral to compliment the oranges & vanilla. 

If you would like to make your own brioche, why not join us on one of our bread-making classes and learn all about the science of baking.

Download Thyme's Pain Perdu & Blood Orange Breakfast