Recipes for Five Days - May

by Thyme The Food 12 May 17

Recipes for Five Days - May

This is the first of a new series of classes in The Cookery School at Thyme that aim to make life a little easier with fresh, nutritious, uncomplicated, seasonal recipes. We have a ‘Five Day’s Shopping List’ and if you would like to receive this simply contact us so we can email it to you.

Our ethos at Thyme is to cook and eat what is good at this moment. These recipes are of course seasonal but they also include ingredients which are readily available in your local supermarket as part of a weekly shop. The recipes involve a small investment of time, but they deserve that, and it is good to make some time in the week to cook properly, enjoy that solitary experience or indeed encourage others to take an interest with us.

We will make dishes that can be adapted to use alternative ingredients, build up a useful larder, a menu repertoire and a confidence to cook delicious, wholesome dishes without feeling overwhelmed, culinarily or economically!  Using little meat and more oily fish, plenty of vegetables, good carbohydrates, but never compromising on flavour in favour of fads. Store cupboard staples will be suggested, gluts will be bottled, pickled, preserved. Useful rubs, spice blends, flavoured butters or oils will all have their moment.  Such spoils can be saved for later in the year, when memories of these foods are distant, and our efforts in preserving them prove a worthwhile treat. We may encourage the growth of a very useful mint plant in a pot under a dripping tap… or the use of any available sunny spot, for your very own tomato vine…

So to May's Recipes, the undisputed star of this month is asparagus, so we take that as our starting point with a light tart perfect for a fresh healthy supper at the start of the week ...

Monday's Asparagus & Crayfish Tart