Recipes for Five Days - June

by Thyme The Food 8 Jun 17

Recipes for Five Days - June

We were thrilled with the response to our inaugural ‘Recipes for Five Days’.  The class in our Cookery School was a fun-filled day introducing guests to fresh, nutritious, uncomplicated, seasonal recipes that run like a relay through the week; ensuring delicious dishes are on the table each day and there is no waste at the end of the week.  So, we are sharing the hints and recipes from our class, if you would like the  ‘Five Day’s Shopping List’,  simply contact us and we will email it to you.  

In June we have started with chicken and broad beans as our staple, asparagus still features on the menu as we have a few more weeks of that deliciously seasonal vegetable, but the flavours are truly those of early summer.  Cooking simply at this time of year is a must; if you are lucky enough to have your own vegetable patch, or a farmers market nearby then you will understand exactly why our food ethos starts with seasonality.  In the supermarket seek out British produce and adjust the recipes to suit what looks the best. We are supporting the ‘Food Made Good’ campaign #WeServeLocal this month, and its message is as relevant to our dining tables at home as it is in the restaurants they hope to influence … fresh locally grown produce will be fresher and taste better than any other product you can buy, its good for the planet and good for you. Our recipes use a small amount of meat protein to allow the vegetables to shine, the result is truly fresh and nutritious without the need for faddy claims.  

So to June's recipes, beginning with the lightest of poached chicken dishes that is the perfect solution to Monday night’s food dilemmas and sets you up for the week ahead ...

Monday's Soothing Chicken & Soba Bowls ...