Instinctive Cook June Dinner Party Menu

by Thyme The Food 22 Jun 17

Instinctive Cook June Dinner Party Menu

This month's three courses are deceptively simple to make but bursting with the flavours of June: broad beans & tips, asparagus, baby carrots, young peas, radish, gooseberries, soft herbs, fresh curd cheese, wild sea trout.  This is an abundant month where we are spoiled for choice ...

To start
Summer Goats' Curd Ravioli
For the main
Wild Sea Trout with Radish & Broad Beans
For the pud
Honey Custard Cups, Gooseberries & Elderflower

The Instinctive Cook is The Cookery School's flagship class, a seasonal experience where we introduce a repertoire of deliciously fresh dishes to create the perfect dinner party menu. 

We start in our kitchen grardens, seeking out the freshest ingredients.  This is a process of sensory delight ... tasting, smelling and feeling for freshness and flavour. Do the same in your supermarket, green grocer or, if you are fortunate enough, your farmers market - trust what is local and seasonal.

In the class we explore the fundamentals of flavour to give guests the confidence to go beyond our recipes and cook instinctively with the season's best available produce, learning a variety of skills, tips and techniques.  


'Instinctive Cook - Seasonal Dinner Party Menu' classes
Thursday 6th July, 10am-4pm
Saturday 22nd July, 10am-4pm

Each recipe contains a wine suggestion from our local wine supplier Vin Est
Download our menu with wine recommendations

Enjoy our June Dinner Party Menu Recipes Below