Eggs, Eggs & More Eggs ...

by Thyme The Food 12 Apr 19

We are celebrating our hen's eggs this Easter, but to be honest there isn't really a time of year when we don't.  We have been keeping happy hens in the Kitchen Garden at Thyme for many years, providing us with one of the most crucial staples in the kitchen.  Eggs contain essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids ... so good for us, particularly for heart health. They do of course take on particular significance at this time of year, chocolate Easter eggs are everywhere, but the tradition of giving eggs predates Christian ceremony, with pagan rituals of fertility and the rites of spring reminding us what a powerful symbol they are.

In the Ox Barn, Head Chef Charlie Hibbert, when he isn't juggling them, is using these fragile protein packages in just about everything from delicious cakes to tasty breakfast dishes, collected daily they couldn't be fresher. We have chosen a selection of his recipes, including a deliciously delicate cocktail, to bring a little spring flavour to your Easter repertoire.

Mackerel, Grilled Leeks, Romesco, Fried Egg

Meringue, Rhubarb, Lemon Curd

English Rose Cocktail

Try these delicious dishes or join us for a journey across the globe in the Cookery School on Easter Saturday 20th April.