Marjorie Lang

Chef's Review: 'Juice: Cleanse, Heal, Revitalize' by Rosemary Ferguson

by Marjorie Lang The Food 10 Jan 17

A look inside the refreshing pages of 'Juice'

'By simply consuming the right natural ingredients you can change the way you look and feel. Naturopathic nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson has created 100 powerful recipes to overhaul your health from the inside out.'

I enjoyed reviewing this book. It is straightforward, clean and clear – suiting the subject matter perfectly. Easy to navigate, in an effort to help you find exactly what you are looking for, the chapters are clearly titled to address particular ailments or concerns, or simply to assist our general health and wellbeing.

Juices and smoothies are described, their primary purpose as a vehicle to give our bodies a great big one-glass shot of important daily nutrients. Delivered here in their purest form. Raw ingredients, freshly juiced to optimize their natural goodness.

Great at breakfast time, juices can kick start the system, and throughout the day they aid, heal and cleanse the gut. Juicing allows us to control what we need and what we enjoy as well as the ability to regulate sugar content which is often high in commercially produced juices and smoothies. While juicing, one can also adjust challenging flavours, building them up at your own speed to suit personal taste and include ingredients that are relevant to our individual needs.

Rosemary Ferguson

The book contains beautifully clear photography of the juices and their component ingredients, variously highlighting those which relieve inflamation or bloating, to those which are helpful to heart health. The recipes themselves are short and straightforward, with the ingredients, in the main, being easily available. There is a description of flavour and benefits relevant to each, in some cases changes or omissions suggested should you suffer, for example, from IBS or are diabetic. An informative and useful glossary is included at the back of the book, and assists with facts and helpful alternatives.

Finally, and as a way to detox, in the form of juice fasting options are laid out for a 1-3 day programme. Even reading them made me feel better.

In short, a very useful and informative book which can be read quickly, the principles of which grasped easily so it can then be kept close to hand as a regular reference.

It is January and so it is appropriate to reference the ‘Detox And Heal‘ section. After the excess of the festive season it is a chance to rehydrate and restore. This is a simple juice to start our New Year good habits & enjoy Rosemary's 'Daily Helper' detox juice recipe, our 'Cookery School Recipe of the Month.'

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