The Swan

Yacón and Kale Kitchen Garden Crostini

by The Swan Recipes 1 Feb 16

This is a 'handful of this & a pinch of that' recipe, and if you have difficulty sourcing yacón (which might be a challenge in some areas) then Jerusalem Artichokes or crisp pears are perfect.  



  1. Heat a riveted griddle pan or the like
  2. Wash & shred the kale into bite sized pieces
  3. Wash, peel & slice your yacón or Jerusalem Artichoke
  4. If you are using pear leave the skin on
  5. Combine the yacón and kale in a bowl with the chilli & capers
  6. Add a good glug of rapeseed oil, your seasoning and a good squeeze of lemon juice
  7. Once your grill pan is very hot and grill the sourdough on either side to charred
  8. Vigorously rub the sourdough with the halves of garlic
  9. Divide the toasts and mixture evenly between the plates 
  10. Drizzle with extra oil & add more cheese to taste