by Thyme Recipes 20 Mar 20


A Thyme Tipple from The Baa Bar Featuring Sapling Spirits

Sapling Vodka was born of a passion for high-quality spirits combined with love for the natural world; aiming to turn the sustainability conversation around from an outlook of doom and gloom to one which champions solutions. The London-based distillery gives people the chance to plant trees and help the environment by enjoying delicious, quality 100% British wheat vodka. For every bottle they plant a tree, GPS tracked through their website with current locations including London, Bristol, Suffolk, and the Atlas Mountains. Each of their trees can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime, compared with the 2.5kg of carbon it takes to make one of their bottles, making them significantly climate positive.

This Woodland cocktail is elegant, earthy and silky ... its peppery bay flavours are enhanced by Suze, a French apéritif made from gentian, vegetal and grassy with citrus tones. 



To infuse the vodka:

Add 10-15 bay leaves and 5 peppercorns to the bottle and infuse for 48 hours.

To make the cocktail:

  1. Build your cocktail by adding the ingredients to a shaker.
  2. Shake & double strain into a chilled coupe glass.
  3. Garnish with a bay leaf.