Winter Gnocchi with Rabbit Ragu

by Thyme Recipes 1 Feb 16

An Italian winter warmer ...

In Italian the word gnocchi means “little knots”, in practice they are small pillow-like dumplings, light yet incredibly filling and perfect for days when Spring loses its grip on the British weather.  

This masterclass was an indulgent Italian treat and we have paired our recipe with Rabbit Ragu, lightly spiced with chilli and piquant capers. However, if like our Cookery School guest & consummate foodie Channel 4's Felicity Spector (instagramtwitter), you prefer a vegetarian sauce, pair with a simple gush of herbs. Pour a splash of olive oil in a pestle and pound garlic, lots of salt, a handful of capers and as many fresh herbs as you can lay your hands on with your mortar until you have a rough paste.

This gnocchi recipe is a simple to follow but it needs a light touch, so get everything organised beforehand, make your sauce and then enjoy the process of making your gnocchi.

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