Thyme's Trofi al Pesto Genovese

by Thyme Recipes 1 Sep 16

Recipe of the Month

Our flagship class, The Instinctive Cook, takes guests on a journey through the seasonal flavours of our kitchen garden at Thyme and September is the time of one of our most eagerly anticipated gluts - basil.  We grow seven varieties of basil in our poly tunnels and at this time of year it has reached jungle proportions.  We used Genovese Basil in this recipe, its tender, fragrant, extra-large, dark green leaves are delicious. Do remember to use a really good Italian olive oil, you will taste the difference.

Trofie is the perfect pasta for pesto, a short twisted spiral that hails from Liguria, picks up the pesto evenly ensuring a perfect coat to every mouthful of pasta.  It is a particularly easy pasta to make for new-comers to the process and only requires two ingredients; ideal for one of those last minute suppers when there is nothing in the cupboard but semolina!

As they do in Liguria we have paired this pesto pasta with newly dug potatoes and green beans freshly picked from the garden for a little taste of Italian loveliness – a perfect seasonal treat.

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