Thyme to Bloom Floral Choux Pastry Buns

by Thyme Recipes 1 Apr 16

Recipe of the Month

We are embracing all things floral in the month of May and we have taken the prettiest and most delicate of patisseries as our starting point in The Cookery School at Thyme. Our floral choux buns are simple, sweet & enticing, lifting afternoon tea to a very special occasion.

After making the choux buns you can really let your imagination run wild with floral flavours, we placed rose petals in icing sugar at the beginning of the week for Saturday's class and then used rosewater to flavour it further, you might do the same with lavender, lilac or thyme flowers. If you want a little colouring in the icing, then we would recommend freeze dried raspberry powder or natural colourings - do try and avoid Azo dyes, there have been extensive studies into their links to hyperactivity in children all of which are inconclusive, but when there are lovely fruit and vegetable alternatives, why not use them.

Of course it is the edible flowers that make them so special, spicy primulas, fragrant rose geraniums, fresh pansies, aromatic rose petals, match to the floral notes in your filling and icing or just go wild and use a selection to bring a different accent to each bun. 

It is really important when baking with flowers to ensure that they have not been sprayed, source from your own or a friend's garden and if that isn't possible a reliable supplier of edible flowers, we would recommend online Maddocks Farm Organics or Eat my Flowers

Download Thyme to Bloom Floral Choux Buns