The Lilac

by Thyme Recipes 18 May 17

The Lilac

Lilac flowers come in a surprising variety of colour, from classic eponymous lilac to rich deep claret, with lavender, blue, white or buttermilk yellow in between; the light floral scent is instantly recognisable but extends to warm, spicy tones in the darker shades.   Whatever variety is growing in your garden or cascading over your neighbour’s wall, we think there is nothing more evocative of Spring.  So for May's cocktail class and for guests in The Baa, we have created an enchanting cocktail to capture that moment when the promise of warm evenings starts to become a reality: The Lilac, subtle, satisfyingly alcoholic and intensely moreish. 



  1. Mix a handful of lilac flowers into a small kilner jar of sugar and leave overnight to infuse.
  2. Make a quick light syrup from the lilac sugar.
  3. Gently crush 8 lilac flowers and add to your cocktail shaker tin with the remaining ingredients.
  4. Fill with ice.
  5. Shake until chilled.
  6. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass.
  7. Garnish with lilac flowers.