Brined & Smoked Partridge Breasts

by Thyme Recipes 6 Oct 16

This is a delicate autumnal starter, perfect for that very special dinner party.  Take care not to over-smoke the partridge, the smoking ensures the meat is tender and the smoke is a delicate flavour that underlines the dish. This was part of our first autumn Thyme's Table dinner and is now on the menu at our restaurant The Swan.

Serves 8

For the smoker (stove-top or metal biscuit tin with lid and rack in bottom):

For the dressing:

*Shake in a jar to combine & mix with the crushed grapes – adjust with lemon juice as necessary.

To plate:


  1. Place the partridge breasts in the brine for 1 hour. Remove & pat dry.
  2. Scatter the smoker mix in the bottom of your smoker/tin & place over a medium flame, when this begins to smoke, cover the lid & lower the heat.
  3. Place the partridge on the rack in the smoker/tin & cover with lid. Allow to smoke for 3mins then remove.
  4. Sear the smoked breasts in a hot pan with a little oil and butter for 1-2mins each side. Remove.
  5. To serve, place 1 halved partridge breast on a plate. Scatter with leaves, flowers, halved grapes & a few coriander seeds.
  6. Spoon over some dressing & serve.