Seasonal Sicilian Lemon Curd & Clotted Cream Gelato

by Swan Recipes 1 Mar 16

Recipe of the Month

The Cookery School has given a nod to the cold weather with their 'Winter Gnocchi' recipe this month but at The Swan we are looking to the sun.  Sicilian lemons are simply delicious at this time of year.  Lemons were brought to Sicily in the 10th century and the land around Mount Etna, with its perfectly Mediterranean climate, long hot sunny days and cold nights, coupled with volcanic soil, gives the Sicilian lemon a particular sweetness and taste that is unmatched even by the harvest from Amalfi, another lovely lemon-growing centre.

We have made our own limoncello, the classic lemon liqueur from Southern Italy, to pair with the fresh Sicilian lemon curd and the rich clotted cream gelato - a truly indulgent dessert.

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