Wild Garlic Salsa

by Thyme Recipes 1 Apr 16

Wild Garlic, it really is the first herald of the season's British wild food larder.  Its delicate leaves in early spring are complemented by equally delicious & not-so-delicately-flavoured flowers later in the season.  This deciduous woodland spring-green is an easy plant to identify with glossy spear-like leaves that when crushed between your fingers have that distinctive rich garlic smell - reassuring the first-time-wild-garlic-hunter that they have found their quarry.  Mildly garlicky, fresh, juicy and everything spring;  perfect in salads & soups, delicious in dips & sauces.  We grow wild garlic in our kitchen gardens at Thyme and would stress that we advocate no-trace foraging, so think about what you are picking, the wildlife that depends upon it, and only then take what you need.

Wild Garlic is flavouring the new dishes at The Swan (see their recipe of the month) and from the Cookery School's flagship class The Instinctive Cook we are sharing a simple salsa made with this delicious leaf.  In essence a sharp, piquant sauce, vibrant & green, perfectly paired with grilled meat or fish, also delicious with potatoes or pasta. 

Download Thyme's Wild Garlic Salsa Recipe