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Raspberry Verbena Jelly & Ice Cream

by The Swan Recipes 1 Jul 16

Raspberry & Verbena Jelly, Raspberry Ripple Ice-Cream, Sable Biscuit

Our head chef Matt Wardman has decided to stick to his guns when it comes to summer, you can still order a sticky toffee pudding at The Swan if the grey weather is getting to you, but we want to bring a ray of sunshine into your lives with this delicious celebration of the season. Its impossible not to smile when there is jelly & ice-cream on the table.

Last month's bruschetta recipe was the ultimate in fresh seasonal fast-food, this recipe requires a little more patience, a process full of culinary ritual.  So embrace the whole ethos of Slow Food, enjoy the time you put into making this dessert. Why not go to your local pick-your-own for the raspberries if you don't have them in the own garden? #TakeThyme to make this very special dessert.  Start the preparation the day before you plan to serve the dish, it all starts with the fruit pulped and dripping through muslin, let the process and its stages give your kitchen a real sense of purpose. The results speak for themselves ...

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