Quick Garden Pickles

by Thyme Recipes 15 Sep 17

This incredibly easy and quick pickle will liven up a lunchtime sandwich in the garden or your dinner party cheese board. It will fill two 500ml jars which should be sterilised before filling. Simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse & dry before putting into an oven at 110°c for 30 minutes. Keep in the fridge for a month (they won't last that long).



  1. Combine the baby carrots, beetroot, radish, fennel and green beans and ½ tsp fine sea salt in a large bowl and mix well to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and stand to soften (30 minutes).
  2. Meanwhile stir vinegar, sugar and aromats in a small saucepan over a medium heat until sugar dissolves (2-3 minutes), cool to room temperature then refrigerate until cold.
  3. Drain liquid from salted vegetables (discard) and rinse under cold running water. Pack the vegetables into sterilized jars, top with the pickling liquid and seal with lids.  Pickles will keep for three weeks, refrigerated after opening.