Rosemary Ferguson

Rosemary's 'On An Even Kale' Juice

by Rosemary Ferguson Recipes 10 Jan 17

Ahead of our 'Rosemary & Thyme Retreat' this month we thought we would share Rosemary Ferguson's blood sugar balancing juice using our delicious kale from the kitchen gardens.

'This is a boosting juice that helps if you're feeling fatiguesd in the morning.  Much better than reaching for sugary drinks or food.  Its a superb all-rounder, a great way to sstart the day - in fact, a great way to star everyday! It contains soluble fibre, which slows the absorption of fruit sugars into the body. Because the absorption process is slower, we get more chance to take in the nutrients too.' Rosemary Ferguson



  1. Juice the kale, apple & pear.
  2. Stir in the spirulina and ground cinnamon at the end.

Reproduced from Rosemary Ferguson's Juice: Cleanse, Heal, Revitalise, Penguin Books, 2016