Medlar and Rosehip Jelly recipe

by Thyme Recipes 1 Nov 15

Medlars are an unusual fruit, but specialist greengrocers do stock them and we urge you to ask around as a surprising number of people have them as ornamental trees in their garden and are more than happy to share their surplus harvest.



  1. Wash the medlars and rosehips and roughly chop them. You do not need to peel or core them.
  2. Place in a preserving pan.
  3. Barely cover the fruit with water and bring to a simmer. Cook, covered for approximately 45 minutes to one hour until the fruit is soft and pulpy.
  4. Tip the contents into a scalded jelly bag or a piece of muslin, suspended over a bowl. Leave to drip for two hours, or preferably overnight.
  5. Measure the juice and pour into a preserving pan with the lemon juice. Gently heat, then add the right quantity of sugar to your juice and stir until dissolved.
  6. Bring to a boil and continue to boil rapidly until setting point is reached, or for about 10-15 minutes. Remove any scum with a tea-strainer.
  7. Pour into sterilized jars.
  8. Cover and seal. Stored in a cool, dark place these will keep for up to 12 months.