Claudio's Foraged Fritatta with Wild Campion

by Thyme Recipes 1 Feb 16

Silene or campion (Silene vulgaris, Silene inflata)

One of the best additions to a risotto, cannelloni and soups, campion is easy to grow in rockeries and gardens. It is tangy, with a subtle herbaceous aroma. A perennial plant, Campion is resilient to climate change, good for pollinators and as insect fodder. It is best used in early spring when the leaves produce a characteristically strident flavour.

“Strigoli” , “Carletti” or “scluplit” are used in Venetian vernacular dialect to indicate the provenance (shores, river banks, mountains). The young flowers are blown on the forehead as good omen and used for tussi-mussy (a little floral bouquet).

This recipe is perfect served with a fennel & orange salad and a glass of Prosecco. Evivva!

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