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Baked vanilla rice pudding

by The Swan Recipes 1 Sep 16

Recipe of the Month

Baked vanilla rice pudding, wild blackberries, blackcurrant liqueur, hazelnut croquant.

Get our head chef Matt Wardman onto the subject of the early autumn in general and blackberries in particular and you are drawn into a conversation of nostalgia & childhood memories, the taste of one season ebbing away and another beginning:

'Wild blackberries have always been a significant part of my life, saying goodbye to summer could put a dampener on the school holidays, but I've always thought that watching these tasty berries ripen on the brambles is quite simply a bit of late summer joy. Coming home with blackberry stained fingers and that cheeky but satisfied feeling of having had your fill of nature's bounty … always being mindful of leaving some for the birds of course.'

So to this month's recipe share, a perfect dessert reflecting the fickle nature of September, we are serving this delicious creamy rice pudding chilled, but equally it can be served warm as the days close in. The blackberries are soaked in Gibson's Organic blackcurrant liqueur, which we have been championing all summer, and topped with the crisp shards of hazelnut croquet.

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Download Baked Vanilla Rice Pud with Blackberries