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The Founder Series 02: Valle & Vik

by Goose Leigh Global Stories 23 Nov 20

How to Host a Fashionable Dinner Party – With Silje Vallevik

Describe your perfect dinner party

I’m very relaxed when it comes to dinner parties - which I think trickles down to the atmosphere, I just want everyone to feel at home and have a good time - and preferably come hungry.


Cocktail of choice?

I love anything Tequila based like a Tequila Gimlet - but my real love is red wine. I absolutely adore a glass of delicious red at the end of a long day.

Do you have a favourite dish you like to cook for family and friends?

I love cooking a mix things - being Scandinavian (Norwegian/Danish) I love making meatballs, with lots of different salads, vegetable dishes and dips etc. I have a lot of vegan friends so pure vegan dishes is a must in my repertoire.

How would you dress your table?

I love fresh flower arrangements and lots of candles - a mix of scented and not. A very Scandinavian tradition, classic Hygge style.

What would you be listening to?

I also love old school music like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Nina Simone.

What would you be wearing?

I would always dress comfortably - no matter what and always in Valle&Vik of course. For a girls night it would have the be The Beau - our new signature oversized silk shirt with matching pants or vintage jeans and a pair of fun flats.
For a more elevated look I would wear our Cannes Do, Muse or Goddess dress (pictured above) - but always in flats (my rule is no heels at home!)


When designing your wonderful pieces do you have specific events in mind?

I design with the purpose of making transitional pieces that works for multiple destinations, seasons, events and even generations. Clothes you can wear everywhere from London  Morocco, Paris to Ibiza - making dressing, packing and therefore life a little more effortless and chic

Describe your vision for how the Valle&Vik pieces should be worn.

Before I drop a new shape I always make sure that not only is it beautiful and comfortable but it needs to be multifunctional to. The pieces needs to be able to work from day to night, with sneakers and high-heals. A modern day woman’s wardrobe needs to be multifaceted because we women are.

Take a couple of my go to styles such as:

The Long Flirt (long shirt dress, below left) - I style it on its own for day or night depending on the accessories I use. Or I layer it over jeans and a T-Shirt on colder days or you can throw it over a bathing suit at a fancy pool party.
The Maxi Twirl (maxi skirt, below right) - I'll wear it a matching or clashing silk top for a dressier look or with a knitted sweater and flats for a effortless day to night look.
The Beau ( our new boyfriend shirt) - I practically live in everyday tucked into jeans and buttoned up for day. Then art night I switch it up with silk pants or skirt for night.


Would you wear the same outfit to a party twice?
I would absolutely wear the same outfit twice, and thats one of the reasons I started Valle&Vik. I’m a big believer and backer of slow fashion, its about buying what you love and re styling/rewearing it. I create clothing that will wear, age, travel and style well. It's all in the quality of the fabric, the cut and how you style it. I also am the kind of person that if I love something - I will buy it in every colour that suits me. It just makes dressing well look and feel effortless - when you know and stick to what suits you.

Silk ages beautifully whilst polyester and other mixed/man-made fabrics does not. Hence why when you buy from a mid market / high street brand the dress often won’t look good after the first dry-cleaning, the fabric will be lacklustre and shape will be off.

So always buy quality over quantity - or both if you can ;)