Charlie Mayhew

In Conversation with: Tusk

by Charlie Mayhew Global Stories 7 Oct 20

Tusk is delighted to partner with Thyme in promoting the conservation of wild spaces at a time when biodiversity needs protecting more than ever. Tusk was founded 30 years ago to safeguard the wildlife and habitats of Africa. Through our many successful partnerships we have helped pioneer an impressive range of conservation initiatives across 20 African countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and more than 40 threatened species.


Back in February, Tusk and Thyme co-hosted a wonderful dinner in the Ox Barn in aid of Tusk’s Living With Wildlife Appeal to support rural communities and wildlife in Murchison Falls in Uganda. The evening was a great success. Guests were treated to a delicious meal and an entertaining talk by the wildlife documentary maker, Alastair Forthergill. We were delighted that the evening raised an incredible £48,000. We are very grateful to Thyme and everyone who came for their generous support on the night. 


Since then, the world has become a very different place due to the Covid-19 crisis. The collapse of tourism, and the associated loss in income and livelihoods has had a significant impact on wildlife projects across Africa and threatens to undo years of conservation progress. These challenges, together with that of a rapidly growing human population, threaten the long-term survival of Africa’s incredible wildlife and its people. We cannot afford to be complacent and Tusk continues to focus on finding innovative solutions that will have the biggest impact for both wildlife and communities. We are very grateful to Thyme for the kind support at this crucial time for nature and indeed our own wellbeing.

Conservation in Africa is intrinsically linked with the travel and hospitality sector with many protected areas dependent on the revenue that underpins the jobs and livelihoods of wildlife rangers and other key staff on the frontline of conservation. It is therefore wonderful that such a beautiful place like Thyme, with its own wildlife link to Africa, should adopt a partnership with Tusk. We look forward to working together on future events and fundraising initiatives.

Whether it be the tiny Reed Warbler that visit Thyme and migrate to central Africa, or the iconic mega fauna like the elephant, rhino or lion, which remain under so much threat from poaching and habitat loss, we all have a responsibility to preserve the planet’s extraordinary natural heritage.

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Charlie Mayhew, CEO and founder of Tusk