Caryn Hibbert

Restoration, Renovation, Rejuvenation - Part Four

by Caryn Hibbert At Thyme 30 Nov 18


At the heart of Thyme sit two beautiful barns. The restoration of the Ox Barn and the opening of its eponymous restaurant mark the final piece in our village-within-a- village restoration. 

When it was first built in the mid-19th century, the Ox Barn was a state of the art construction; 53ft beams each huen from an individual Douglas fir were brought over from Canada in 1820, a tortuous journey in long wooden ships.  Built to house the farm’s oxen, it served that purpose for well over a century. While the Tithe Barn and other agricultural buildings became the foundation stones of Thyme, the Ox Barn was fitted with stabling for event horses ... until this year.  

The restoration has been a painstaking labour of great love; Thyme has evolved organically and with an understanding that conservation is about sustainability - not only preserving the past but more importantly, securing the future. 

The interiors of the Ox Barn have been left almost untouched from their original design with the kitchen and restaurant sitting within the space to ensure that the integrity of the renovation and to celebrate the agricultural heritage rather than hiding it. 

The space is impressive, grand and beautifully finished and we love the restaurant ambiance that it has created. 

Our first recipe share from the restaurant is a simple starter or light supper dish, Charlie's Cod's Roe & Picada