Caryn Hibbert

Our Cedar of Lebanon

by Caryn Hibbert At Thyme 15 Sep 17

Towering over all of the buildings at Thyme is our magnificent Cedar of Lebanon.
Over three times as tall as our highest rooves, it has an impressive and commanding presence.
The new spa at Thyme will be dominated by its graceful frame. It is amazing to watch how almost everyone who sees it is stopped in their tracks, their feet rooted to the spot as their eyes are drawn upwards towards its massive branches.

A tree to be found in many English parkland settings, Cedrus Libani is native to the Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. It grows in rocky, well drained and calciferous soils which might be why it is thriving in our stony Cotswold brash.

Wonderfully aromatic, both a resin (cedria) and an essential oil (cedrum) are produced from its wood and its cones. These have long been used in rituals both religious and beauty, for perfume and for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Its aromatic yellow wood is resistant to insect infestations and is a wonderful material to use for building.

Over the centuries, excessive harvesting of this multi-talented tree has contributed to its demise so now it is protected.

Turkey plants over fifty million young cedars a year and reserves with awe inspiring names such as the Forest of the Gods in Lebanon have been created.

We are currently restoring the listed glasshouse, Meadow Cottage with 5 treatment rooms, swimming pool, saunas and yoga studios to house the new Spa at Thyme .

We feel very lucky to have this magnificent tree watching down upon us, it will impart an effortless stillness and quiet wisdom to the new spa and we look forward to welcoming you in the New Year upon its completion.

Our Cedar of Lebanon from Thyme on Vimeo.