Charlotte Southan

Nurturing Winter Skin

by Charlotte Southan At Thyme 13 Jan 20

Protect Your Skin from the Bitter Cold

In the bleak mid-winter ..... when the temperatures drop,  humidity levels also plummet and sadly the drier the air, the drier your skin.  In these conditions skin will try to produce more oil to protect itself, but this can clogg pores and lead to break outs. Sudden temperature fluctuations also take their toll, coming from the outside chill to your cosy heated home can exacerbate skin problems.  So it is as important to protect your skin during the colder months of the year, as it is to protect it from the sun in summer.  

Winter skin issues don’t have to be an inevitable part of the colder season. You can protect your skin from outside, from within and through your mental wellbeing ...

Use a good skin polish or exfoliating mask to transform and brighten a dull winter complexion.  We love Aurelia's 'Refine & Polish' Miracle Balm, which contains a medley of the purest skin-brightening plant enzymes, with wonderful citrus notes that feel absolutely right at this time of year when we have the opportunity to eat the best in-season oranges, lemons and grapefruits. 

January is the perfect time for a fresh start and so treat yourself to a visit to a spa, we offer seasonal treatments and this winter are utilising the power of the collagen-boosting, balancing probiotic ingredients used in Aurelia’s facials with CBD Super Serum.  This contains a pure crystallised CBD isolate, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, alongside Hyaluronic Acid which is wonderfully hydrating ... both ingredients combat premature skin ageing and dull winter complexions. The treatment includes a body brush, stimulating back and leg massage, acupressure, reflex points and shiatsu massage with mindful elements, for a feeling of total relaxation and tranquility.

We have been talking a lot about bitter flavours this winter in relation to gut health ... inulin found in chicories and other bitter leaves is a powerful pre-biotic and is to be found across our menus.  Looking after the gut microbiome brings with it a wide range of health benefits especially for your skin.  So after the excesses of the festive period it is important to nurture the gut, replace the sugary starches with fresh fruit and vegetables, start your day with live yoghurts or kefir (now widely available in supermarkets) and you will quickly see the benefits in your complexion.

Taking care with your skin routine and your diet is incredibly important but mental well-being has a huge impact on our health, and poor skin is often an expression of stress and strain.  It is important to nurture ourselves and it is not only our muscles that can benefit from exercise and practices such as yoga. The physical, mental and emotional effects of yoga poses and breathing exercises can dramatically rejuvenate and revitalise the body which in turn firms and tightens the skin. Throughout January and February our hotel guests can benefit from complimentary yoga sessions in our poolside studio.

So with a new decade beginning, take a little time to reflect on how best to nurture your skin: have a good skin routine, visit a spa, eat well and exercise in a mindful way … and one of the things you will inevitably find if you do these things is that you will sleep more soundly and that of course is essential for the health of your mind, your body and your skin.