Camilla Hibbert

A Hedgerow Setting

by Camilla Hibbert At Thyme 1 Sep 20

The humble hedgerow is a defining feature of the British countryside, a tangle of shrubs, brambles and trees meandering across the landscape. This web of linear woodland plays an important and often unsuspected role in the goings on of the countryside.

Nesting sites for robins, wrens and chaffinch’s; highways for commuting bats to find their way home; a shelter for land dwellings mammals - mice, hedgehogs and badgers. At this time of year, the hedgerows around Thyme are laden with fruits from crab apples and blackberries to haws, hips and sloes, all ripe and ready for the picking.

With autumnal stems plucked from the seasonal September hedgerow, our Wild Rose table linens offer a gentle nod to the hedgerows more floriferous summer months.

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