Caryn Hibbert

Restoration, Renovation, Rejuvenation - Part Two

by Caryn Hibbert At Thyme 29 Mar 18

Moving Forward

We love everything about hatching eggs, the anticipation around the incubator among staff and guests last year brought with it waves of excitement as our ducklings broke through their shells.  Eggs have obvious significance at this time of year, with all the connotations of spring and birth.  The time it takes to hatch an egg varies, 21 days for a chicken, 24 days for quail, 26 days for ducks; individual breeds vary and although they are only tolerant to a small temperature range, by raising the temperature a little of the incubator you can influence the speed by which they develop.  Humidity needs to be carefully controlled and in the final few days of hatching it needs to be raised slightly to ensure the membranes are not too dry, preventing the little bird escaping its shell. 

We have been hatching a different project more recently, the process of restoring the barns and buildings at Thyme … far more difficult to control and much more ambitious; certainly less predictable than hatching an egg.  However, everything is due to open this year beginning with the Meadow Spa which will offer treatments and well-being to guests from early summer, using the lovely products created by our friends at Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. 

The huge 19th century barn, built to house the working oxen on the farm, will open as our new café and restaurant, the Ox Barn, later in the summer.  The roof is now fully restored, its single span 65ft beams, each huen from an individual redwood tree brought over from Canada in long wooden ships in 1820 are impressive … but more of that in Jerry’s next ‘history article’ in the summer. The original boarded herringbone ceiling has been cleverly insulated above. This has been achieved by raising the entire roof and parapet so that they remain undisturbed, with the insulation laid above the change is invisible. It makes the historic building a highly technical one and ensures that the heat generated by the green technologies at Thyme is completely efficient in this magnificent space. 

You will be able to gaze at these wonderful beams on your first visit to us, perhaps whilst enjoying one of our delicious eggs for breakfast. We look forward to bringing you more about these developments in the coming weeks and months, to be among the first to receive news and opening celebrations subscribe to our newsletter here.