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Marjorie Lang

Marj grew up in Scotland where her mother  encouraged her to cook from an early age.  Trained as a textile designer she worked in both London & New York, always with an eye for the most delicious food wherever she travelled.  Moving to Tokyo with her young family, she began to develop what was already a keen interest in cooking, with new Asian skills gained through cookery classes, extensive travel and a desire to recreate the best of what she tasted.  
After seven years in Asia, a return to the UK brought with it an application to BBC Masterchef in 2000, to no-one's surprise other than hers, she won.  This opened the professional door to what had always been a consuming past-time, she wrote for newspapers and magazines, enjoyed the demands of styling for food-photographers, and began to teach the skills that she had learned over her years as an extremely talented home cook.
Marj joined Daryll when Thyme's Cookery School opened in 2009 to create & teach our cookery programmes, and most importantly to complete the double-act that all our guests know and love!