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Charlie Hibbert

After leaving school, Charlie moved to London and worked in Soho learning to write code for a film production software company. Despite turning out to be a talented code writer, Soho restaurants and the world of food interested him more.

At Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, under the wonderful direction of Darina Allen and her team, a passion was born. He spent a year travelling around Asia before ending up in New Zealand where he worked in the kitchens of Craggy Range, one of New Zealand's finest restaurants and winery. Returning to England, he headed back to Soho for the relaunch of Quo Vadis in 2012, where under the auspices of the renowned Jeremy Lee he learnt his craft. When his fellow chef Lee Urch left Quo Vadis to breathe life into Old Street's 3 Crowns, he moved on to become their Sous Chef. Like Quo Vadis, their menu is seasonal and changes daily, but new challenges beckon, and now, we are looking forward to him returning to the family fold at Thyme.

So, our 'Chef at Large' will be a regular presence at Thyme when released from the kitchens of Soho, to deliver Thyme's Table dinners, cookery classes and more. Describing Thyme's involvement in food production 'from start to finish' as 'a chef's dream', we are looking forward to the results of that passion in some very special projects.