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Claudio Bincoletto

Claudio Bincoletto is an Italian chef, ethno-botanist and expert on wild food who leads Thyme's forages and nature walks. 

Originally from Fossolta di Piave near Venice, Claudio began collecting herbs for local herbalists and restaurants as a child.  While he first trained as a chef, it was during Claudio’s National Service with the Italian Army that he was selected for special training as a forager, to feed the troops in whatever terrain they found themselves. Claudio first worked as a chef at The Swan, but quickly moved to help establish the kitchen gardens at Thyme where he worked as head gardener for two years. Returning to Writtle College to study agronomy, with a particular interest in biodynamic farming, he graduated with a first class honours degree in horticulture and the environment. These skills are put into practice on a small herb farm which he continues to run with his mother and sister near Venice and in the work that he does for organisations such as Diversity for Life.

Whatever the season and wherever he is, Claudio will always find an interesting story to tell. His forages are more nature walk, his passion is to engage us in nature and our environment, to notice the details, the little signs that will tell big stories and to understand that nature is fragile, nature needs to be treated with respect and wild food is not free food, everything has a price, we should only take a little, not a lot, and then, only if we really need it.