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Charlie Hibbert

Charlie Hibbert grew up amongst a family of hosts and entertainers. Ingrained from his childhood, he learnt the importance of using food to shape an atmosphere and mood, and the kitchen soon became his favourite place to be.

After leaving school, Charlie moved to London and worked in Soho learning to write code for a film production software company. Despite turning out to be a talented code writer, Soho restaurants and the world of food interested him more. In 2010, Charlie embarked on an intense course at Ballymaloe in Ireland under the wonderful direction of Darina Allen, teaching him the importance of ingredient-driven cooking: “good food starts with good ingredients”. He then ate his way through India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines before settling in New Zealand as a chef at Craggy Range Winery - one of New Zealand's finest restaurants and wineries - where he stayed for a year.

Returning to England, he headed back to Soho for the relaunch of Quo Vadis in 2012, where, under the auspices of the renowned Jeremy Lee he learnt his craft. Jeremy instilled in Charlie his belief in approaching every product with a unique outlook – exploring and using each piece to its own potential.

After working as Thyme's 'Chef at Large' for the past few years, Charlie has now joined the family business as Head Chef of Thyme.