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Caryn Hibbert

Caryn Hibbert has spent the past decade carefully restoring and transforming Thyme and the Southrop Manor Estate with her family. Having spent the majority of her childhood in the countryside alongside her mother and physicist / inventor father, Michael Bertioli, Caryn developed a particularly strong enthusiasm for science. She undertook a degree in medicine at Nottingham University and went on to work as an obstetrician and gynecologist in various teaching hospitals throughout London.

In 1989, Caryn married her film director husband, Jerry. Caryn combined her role as mother of three with her medical career, working to set up the first colposcopy and laser outpatient clinic in Guildford and later joined the fundraising committee for CHASE - one of the first children’s hospices.

Despite many years spent living in London, Caryn’s home-grown love for the countryside never diminished and in 2002 they moved out of London to Southrop Manor. Caryn has worked closely with her father to carefully restore the dilapidated barns and farm buildings to create Thyme.  It is Caryn whose passion inspires what is grown and cooked at Thyme and regular guests will know that she is often to be found in the Cookery School lending a helping hand.