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Faye Hodgson

Faye Hodgson, founder of The Natural Cake Company, developed a passion for baking as a young child and has grown as a baker with a belief and love for using natural, unprocessed ingredients that are not just organic but in their most natural form and as close as possible to how nature intended them to be.

Wild and whimsical, elegant and chic, her cakes are designed to be unique and of exquisite quality, flavour and style, with a hint of magical charm.  Natural Wild flower honeys, finest Maple and Agave syrups, unbleached flours and the freshest organic dairy produce are combined with single origin and plantation chocolate couvatures which give the most delicious and indulgent finish and uncompromised flavour.  The Natural Cake Company comes to Thyme to introduce guests to some show-stopping bakes and techniques.