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Eleonora Galasso


Eleonora Galasso trained at the Ateneo Italiano della Cucina in Rome then a master’s degree in gastronomy and food culture. The rest is history.  Her life as a student before and her career as a journalist then brought her around the world. Whether London, Paris, New York, Sao Paulo or Istanbul, there has always been one constant element that would bring her together with others: conviviality.  Her first book ‘What the Roman’s Do’ is a rich and varied journey, inspired by the fragrant kitchens of her homeland,  full of dishes that delight. Self-styled 'food interpreter', Eleonora blogs, instagrams, writes, cooks and holds workshops in Italy and elsewhere to critical acclaim. With appearances on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, the UK’s food festivals and BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme, she is set to take the food world by storm.